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The Truth About Fences – Sonja Johanson

Welcome to the February 2017 Poem of the Month! It has been a while since a poem of the month - guess I'm finally coming out of my "political season" hibernation. I generally keep my political beliefs to myself (and will do so here as well), but I found this month's poem a fun twist [...]

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Poem Of The One World – Mary Oliver

Welcome to the September Poem of the Month! Having just returned from my annual wine trip to Portugal, I have found myself pondering the many wonderful moments that I experienced walking the vineyards, tasting the wines, and talking with winemakers, colleagues and friends whose presence dotted the last week and and half. Northern Portugal is [...]

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2015 FTLOP Port Harvest Tour

  Part 1 - From Porto to the Douro Article and photos by Stewart Todd (c) August 2016 The wheels touched down on a Saturday morning at Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport, better known as Porto International Airport. I watched out the window of the plane as we taxied up to the terminal, which was originally [...]

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Reading Moby-Dick at 30,000 Feet – Tony Hoagland

Welcome to the August 2016 Poem of the Month! The kids are heading back off to college and high school, and I am suddenly realizing how busy of a summer it has been. I've spent my fair share of time on an airplane this summer - repeatedly to Santa Clara and Boston for work, to [...]

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Dirge Without Music – Edna St. Vincent Millay

Welcome to the July Poem of the Month. This month’s poem is a sad dedication to my college friend Joe Montano, who unexpectedly passed away this week at the age of 47. Joe was working as the Northern Virginia Regional Representative for Senator Tim Kaine, and we should have seen Joe’s smiling face with Kaine [...]

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Mending Wall – Robert Frost

Welcome to the June 2016 Poem of the Month! We are in silly political season, and I guess all the talk of building a wall between the US and Mexico made me think of this poem. “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost is such a staple of the American Poetic Canon that I was certain I [...]

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For the Fallen – Robert Laurence Binyon

Welcome to the May 2016 Poem of the Month Today is Memorial Day here in the US, and in contrast to Veterans Day (which honors all who serve in the military), today we remember and commemorate those who have died in service to their country. This month’s poem was written in September 1914, a few [...]

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A Sequence In Praise Of Wine

Welcome to the Poem of the Month for April 2016. This month’s poem, and occasion, holds very special meaning for me. On this night eleven years ago, I first met my dear friend and fellow Port enthusiast Roy Hersh. At the time, I knew very little about Port. As a college English major, I used [...]

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Spring (Again) – Michael Ryan

Welcome to the March 2016 Poem of the Month! I'll keep my introduction, like this month's selection, short: Welcome, Spring. I hope you are all doing well, Stewart   Michael Ryan (1946 -  )   Spring (Again) The birds were louder this morning, raucous, oblivious, tweeting their teensy bird-brains out. It scared me, until I [...]

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A Blessing for Wedding – Jane Hirshfield

Welcome to the February 2016 Poem of the Month! I had the opportunity to attend the wedding of two of my dear friends back in December, and was honored when they asked me if I would read a poem during the ceremony. I set about in earnest searching for a poem worthy of such an [...]

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Forbearance – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the November 2015 Poem of the Month. I used to find things like Facebook to a great way to reconnect with old friends; see pictures of their growing kids; see how much fun they were having in Hawaii. I’ve shared my share of photos of Alex and I at Sounders games; photos of [...]

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That Music Always Round Me – Walt Whitman

Welcome back to the Poem of the Month! Sometimes you read a poem and it just really resonates with you. That’s the case with this poem by Walt Whitman about music. I grew up singing old gospel hymns in the Southern Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama, and even as a small child I always found [...]

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