Welcome to the February 2017 Poem of the Month!

It has been a while since a poem of the month – guess I’m finally coming out of my “political season” hibernation. I generally keep my political beliefs to myself (and will do so here as well), but I found this month’s poem a fun twist on one of our hottest political topics.

Hope you are all doing well!


The Truth about Fences
by Sonja Johanson

They only hold in those who are willing
to be held. Horses prove it all the time,
unlatching gates in their idle moments.
I once saw a cornered ewe leap a six
foot buck fence because she didn’t feel
like going where the border collie wanted
her to go. She wasn’t even afraid.

When they were young, I took the children
to the state animal farm. Every inhabitant –
begging raven, crippled otter, trained bear –
had become too used to humans. The biggest
draw was the cow moose. We gaped as she
browsed in a swale behind the tissue paper
of some hurricane fencing. The game warden
explained it wasn’t so much that they kept her
as that she didn’t mind staying.